DeSean Jackson absent at Redskins’ first voluntary team workout

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It is the start of Washington Redskins’ voluntary Organized Team Activities, and DeSean Jackson is nowhere to be found, but the Redskins doesn’t seem to be bothered anymore.

The wide receiver is in good shape, but was still not able to the team’s first OTA, but his coach and his healthy teammates, who were all at the Redskins Park last Wednesday, was not all over his absence.

Jay Gruden, the Redskins coach, joked about Jackson coming to the Redskins to have coffee and leaving right after, but later stated that Jackson has been in the league long enough that to know what kind of shape he should be in, and that it is his choice if he wants to join the OTAs.

Defensive back DeAngelo Hall says the players understand Jackson, and that although it would be good for him to be in the training, Jackson already knows how his offense works and that “When you have a guy that knows himself, you kind of what them to train the way they want to train.”

He also added that Jackson having a newborn baby makes it easier to understand why he is missing the OTAs.

Jackson has missed several games last season because of his hamstring injury, but Gruden said that even though people think he was not in good shape, he  actually is and is ready to come back and play anytime.

Jackson has a remaining one-year contract with the Redskins and is still expected to play a big role in the offense of the team.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ DeSean Jackson

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