Dion Jordan to apply for reinstatement

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Suspended Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan will apply for a reinstatement from NFL after failing a drug test and being banned for the whole season of 2015.

Jordan is serving his suspension since April 2015 that was given to him after again failing to follow the NFL substance abuse policy. Jordan’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, believes that Jordan will get the reinstatement after Jordan never missed or failed any drug tests that started during his April 2015 ban.

He also believes that Jordan should be a “blueprint for the NFL system of guys being out for a year in terms of what he’s been doing and how he’s come on of late.”

However, a source from Jordan’s team says that he will be facing difficulties during the period of the process of reviewing and considering his reinstatement as the decision lies largely on the commissioner of NFL, Roger Goodell, and the commissioner’s decision can be in ways subjective.

In the process of deciding whether to approve Jordan’s reinstatement or not, Goodwell must receive a recommendation from doctors that are chosen by the players’ union and the league and these doctors must interview Jordan and provide a medical release form.

Jordan said that if ever his reinstatement gets approved and he is given another chance to come back to the NFL, he would not waste the chance. He added that he just turned 26 and it’s a blessing for him to be given the time to think about who he is behind shoulder pads and helmets.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/ Mr. Jordan (Dion Jordan’s official Twitter account)

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