Dolphins, Titans considered dark horses in NFL 2016 Playoffs

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Dolphins, Titans considered dark horses in NFL 2016 Playoffs
This season both the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans are tournament’s dark horses in the upcoming playoff season of the National Football League.

This season both the Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans are tournament dark horses in the upcoming playoff season.

The Dolphins now take the second spot in the AFC East while the Titans are also second in the AFC South. With two weeks left in the regular season, the Dolphins face a stiff competition ahead. They first face the Bills on Christmas Day then host the Patriots on New Year.

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The Dolphins are still in for a wildcard finish and aims to make their statement going into the playoffs. A win by the Dolphins in Week 16 against the Buffalo Bills cements their spot in the postseason this year. But the Bills will not just hand them their playoff ticket, the Dolphins know they have to earn it hard as well.

Dolphins against the Bills

One of the toughest matched by the Dolphins is to get by the Bills in Week 16. The Dolphins know getting that playoff spot is never easy considering the remaining games they still have. The Bills are no pushover team despite the pressure on coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan knows his tenure is already numbered and wants to end it by shattering the Dolphins’ dream. The Bills (7-7) knows their playoff hopes slowly fade away, but would rather bring down the Dolphins with them. They know a win over the Dolphins does not assure them a playoff stint but are willing to take it.

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The Dolphins know the Bills are out for blood, wanting to avenge their 28-25 loss last Oct. 23. Taking command of their series, the Dolphins have to use the same formula they use in beating the Bills. Meanwhile, the Bills hope that destiny will smile at them and give them vengeance.

How about the Titans

The Titans are thankful they got past the Kansas City Chiefs this week giving their playoff chances alive. Unlike the Dolphins, the Titans have an easier prey to take as they face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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The Titans are the unlikeliest team to reach this year’s playoff all because of being resilient with their work ethics. Against the Chiefs, they were the underdogs but managed to breeze through against all odds.

“In this locker room, we don’t doubt,” tight end Delanie Walker said. “Everybody probably counted us out after those [three] turnovers. But we believe in each other and we know these types of games. Which is to finish at the end, and that’s what we did.”

Walker hopes the same attitude gets carried over when they face the Jaguars and when they finish the regular season. After the Jaguars, the Titans will them finish their regular season with a match against the Texans on Jan. 1.

Heading towards the end of the regular season, unexpected things gets expected to happen. And that includes the fate of both the Dolphins and Titans.

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