Eugene Monroe continues to fight for NFL’s approval of medical marijuana

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Even after being released by the Baltimore Ravens last Thursday, Eugene Monroe will still be pursuing his desire to have medical marijuana approved by the NFL.

Monroe has been open with the fact that he is in favor of medical marijuana being used as a painkiller for NFL players, actively encouraging people to get involved by putting up a website that supports his advocacy.

The story behind his support over medical marijuana as painkillers instead of opioids has been published in The Players’ Tribune. According to him, he found out that studies show that medical marijuana is a much more effective painkiller and that it is less addictive compared to the other drugs used as painkillers.

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He added that marijuana has substances that could help in preventing brain injury and degeneration, but the NFL has been stern on their decision to keep medical marijuana on the banned substances list.

In his statement released on his Twitter Account, Monroe said that even though it has been disheartening for him to be released by the Baltimore Ravens because he loves the team and its fans, he will never stop fighting for the approval of the NFL of medical marijuana because he doesn’t want the future NFL players to resort to opioids for relieving the pain and getting addicted to it.

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The Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said that the reason for Monroe’s release is “One hundred percent football circumstances,” but in the article released in Ravens’ official site, it seems like the team is not behind Monroe’s advocacy as Harbaugh was quoted saying “I promise you, he does not speak for the organization.”

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ Eugene Monroe

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