Eugenie Bouchard might have a ‘second date’ with lucky fan again

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Eugenie Bouchard dates a random fan after losing SuperBowl bet
PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/@geniebouchard | Eugenie Bouchard dates a random fan after losing SuperBowl bet

The lucky fan that got to date Eugenie Bouchard might get a second one, according to the women’s tennis star. After losing a Super Bowl LI bet, Bouchard was forced to keep her word and date a random Twitter follower, John Goehrke.

Goehrke challenged Eugenie Bouchard during the Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons earlier this month. When the Falcons had the big lead in the NFL championship game, the fan countered Bouchard’s prediction that Tom Brady’s team would make the comeback. Brady had an epic second half to lead his team to a 25-point comeback and Bouchard lost the Super Bowl bet.

Thank you Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Goehrke now has to thank Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady after Bouchard was true to her word flew the lucky fan to New York for their date. The pair went to the Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA game recently with the women’s tennis star updating the rendezvous on Twitter.

The lucky fan gets a second serve with Eugenie Bouchard as well aside from the date at the Barclays Center in New York. When asked about a possible follow-up date, Bouchard said that she really enjoyed Goehrke’s company and that he might have earned a second date. Goehrke, a 20-year-old marketing student from Missouri, is hoping that Bouchard is not joking.

“You never know. I’ll keep that option open,” Bouchard stated to TMZ Sports.

“I was only with her for a few hours but the time we spent together was really good,” Goehrke added. “I obviously want to see her again at some point in the future and it seemed like she did too. If we could ever make that work that would be amazing.”

Unexpected turn of events for lucky fan

Before the date with one of the most popular players in the WTA Tour, the lucky fan said he did not expect that Bouchard would respond to his Twitter post. But he said after the Patriots vs. Falcons game ended, his Twitter “blew up” and that he needed to turn off the notifications from the social media site.

“I thought maybe there was a chance she would respond, but I thought there was no chance she’d actually agree to it,” Goehrke stated via the Kansas City Star. “Once the game ended, that’s when everything started blowing up. I started getting texts from my friends that knew. My Twitter started blowing up. It was the first time I had to start turning my notifications off.”

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Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@geniebouchard

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