Jaguars sign Hurns with a $40 million, 4-year deal

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Allen Hurns (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commns;/Keith Allison

Allen Hurns has agreed with the Jacksonville Jaguars to a 4-year, $40 million deal. With the deal, Hurns has earned a 4-year extension with the Jaguars after 3 years as a receiver. Hurns has been active with the Jaguars, missing just one game last season, as the NFL’s official site says.

The deal with Jacksonville has earned Hurns a guaranteed $20 million, as a source has said to ESPN. Apart from the $20 million, the deal also earns him $11 million per year. Before the deal was made, Hurns would earn $600,000 as part of his previous contract with the Jaguars. His previous contract is set to expire this year before the new deal.

According to SB Nation, the deal with the Jaguars isn’t much of a surprise as it has been speculated much by fans this offseason. Jaguars general manager Dave Cadwell also hinted on it before the deal has been made. With the Jaguars he has established a reputation that has earned him the deal.

Hurns in the last season had 10 touchdowns and gained a total of 1,031 yards on 64 receptions. It has been much of an improvement over his rookie performance. At the start of his career with the Jaguars he has managed 677 yards on 51 receptions. Out of those he had six touchdowns as a rookie.

His performance has certainly earned him the extension. It has been noted by ESPN that the performance he made has been the most out of any undrafted player in two seasons since 1970. With that, it is not hard to see why the Jaguars would want to keep him. It has also been noted that he got his second contract earlier than most other free agents. This again is likely due to what he has shown on the field.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

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