NFL News: Ryan Fitzpatrick offered $12M

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Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick as he was with the Buffalo Bills (photo courtesy of Wikiemdia Commons)

The New York Jets wants Ryan Fitzpatrick and they are offering him $12 million as part of a three-year free agent deal, sources say. According to, Fitzpatrick has been offered $12M for the first year in a three-year contract as a free agent. That is, if he and the Jets can agree to it.

Last March it has been said that Fitzpatrick has been offered that $12M, though word is that they can’t seem to reach an agreement on the deal so far. $12M seems like a generous offer, considering that earlier reports have it that initially he would receive $8M on his first year. Still, as sources put it, $12M would put him at the bottom of veteran starting quarterbacks, though it is not known how much the total deal actually is.

The disagreement seems to stem from how much Fitzpatrick would be getting for the second and third year, as ESPN reports. According to the report, he is said to be seeking at least $15M per year. So far it is not yet certain if there would be agreement with the deal. This is despite Fitzpatrick having played for the Jets last year.

Last season Fitzpatrick was seen starting for all 16 games, with 31 touchdowns and 3,905 passes, both of which are career highs. However, the Jets has not managed to make it to the postseason yet again in 5 years.

So far Fitzpatrick has declined to comment on the status of the negotiations, although last week he has said that he would like to be back with the Jets. With negotiations still stalled, it is not yet clear when would he actually be back to play for them. The Jets would like to have a resolution to the negotiations, preferably before training camp would start this July.

Though Fitzpatrick is hopeful to have a deal, he is not sure about being confident about it, as he has stated that developments can happen any time in American football. If ever things don’t work out with him, the Jets are looking into Geno Smith as its starting quarterback.

Image: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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