Johnny Manziel News: Former QB Manziel sued for $350K for thrashing posh mansion in Hollywood Hills

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Former QB Manziel and friends sued for $350K for thrashing posh mansion
Former professional football quarterback Johnny Manziel might face jail time and possibly pay up to $350,000 thrashing a mansion in Hollywood hills.

Former professional football quarterback Johnny Manziel might face jail time and possibly pay up to $350,000. This after an owner of a posh mansion sued Manziel and his friends for thrashing one of his properties in Hollywood hills.

According to TMZ, Danny Fitzgerald is suing Manziel and company for $187,000 worth of damages to his property and for breach of contract. Fitzgerald noted that Manziel and his friends entered into an eight-month lease to one of his $50 million worth mansion and after three months failed to pay their rent of $25,000 a month.

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The report also stated that Manziel and company would host loud parties at the place that neighbors would call on cops for disturbing their peace. Fitzgerald narrated in his lawsuit that the mansion was a complete mess after Manziel and his group abandoned it.

“They broke doors and mirrors, and failed to clean up and an immense amount of dog feces and urine that was left throughout multiple rooms of the house for days, if not weeks,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald added that he tried to reach out to Manziel to fix the problem to which the former Cleveland Browns quarterback agreed to do via text message. He noted that Manziel even gave his word and apologized for the inconvenience they have caused.

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However, Fitzgerald claimed that Manziel never stood by his word which includes a $125,000 total of unpaid rent. It seemed that Fitzgerald had enough of Manziel’s antics and leaves the court to decide on the matter.

For his part, Manziel has denied entering into a contract with Fitzgerald and denied that he stayed in the said mansion. Manziel argued that it was one of his friends who rented the place and he just stayed there from time to time but not all summer long. He added that Fitzgerald just wants to drag his name to get media mileage over the matter.

Manziel has been out of public eye since he got cut by the Browns on his off-the-field activities and said that he would go back to finish school. The latest situation will further damage the 23-year old Heisman Trophy winner’s plans of returning to the NFL soon.

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