Ken Stabler Biography: Author Mike Freeman compares the Snake to Donald Trump

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Ken Stabler Biography: Author Mike Freeman compares the Snake to Donald Trump
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Ken Stabler is probably rolling in his grave. Mike Freeman, the author of “Snake”: The Legendary Life of Ken Stabler compared the legendary quarterback with Donald Trump. Stabler was in the 70s what Donald Trump is today. Both love to be the ring leaders.

Who is Mike Freeman?

Mike Freeman is a leading sports columnist for Bleacher Report. He has also contributed to The New York Times, Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated and the Washington Post. He has authored 5 books so far, including a biography on Bobby Bowden and a controversial book on ESPN. His recent book on Ken Stabler is on sale since November 9, 2016.

What is the book on” The Snake” all about?

“Snake”: The Legendary Life of Ken Stabler is the first biography on America’s most talented and undoubtedly the most popular quarterback to play in the NFL. The book covers Stabler’s on-field maneuvers and off-field camaraderie with his teammates, coaches, sponsors and volunteers.


The new book chronicles Stabler’s momentous career outings with the Oakland Raiders, Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints. Mike Freeman’s accusations that NFL is the most violent sport on the planet are linked to Snake’s death. His book narrates the incidence where researchers found high levels of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, clearly indicating that the degenerative disease resulted from serious head blows on field.

The book is scanty in detailing, especially when it comes to narrating the “Immaculate Reception,” play-off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1972. However, the book is still a handy biography-appreciation by Mike Freeman.

Why compare Ken Satbler with Donald Trump?

The book was released on November 9. The Election Day revealed the true American face and Mike Freeman chose to project his book for the same reason. The reason is obvious. Mike Freeman compared Ken Stabler with the new President-elect Donald Trump to probably draw sales for his new book. The book promises to connect Stabler’s childhood with his quarterback raids on-field.

The comparison of Ken Stabler with Donald Trump is unjustified. Donald Trump can never enter the Hall of Fame. Hall of Shame, well that’s a possibility!

Image courtesy: Raiders.com/ Pinterest

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