LA Rams unsure between Case Keenum & Jared Goff as starter, mutual agreement to release Nick Foles

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Dallas Cowboys interested in signing Nick Foles?
The Dallas Cowboys are looking to climb their way back to contention and rumors are swirling that the Cowboys are interested in signing quarterback Nick Foles, who was released by the L.A. Rams this Wednesday.

American football quarterback Nick Foles joined the St. Louis Rams last year with great promise. He came in by way of Sam Bradford when the Philadelphia Eagles traded him in a package that involved a 2015 fourth-round pick, and a 2016 second-round pick.

Nick Foles’ started with the Rams in a dramatic fashion, with his first game against the Rams’ rival Seattle Seahawks. It was a game that would quickly put his worth to the test, and Foles stepped up his game.

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His lone passing touchdown pushed the game into overtime, where his twenty-two-yard pass set up the team’s final field goal that won the match.

Nick Foles played well the following week, and improved in terms of accuracy, and the Rams defeated the Arizona Cardinals for the first time in the season. But that is where his value for the team practically ends.

He has struggled since, and his inconsistency cost him to lose his position to Case Keenum. He had another chance to rebuild his game after Keenum’s injury, but it ended up even worse.

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The St. Louis Rams has now relocated to Los Angeles and has moved on from a failed Noles’ promise.

After only one season that involved a rare trade of starting quarterbacks, the LA Rams has finally decided to release quarterback Nick Foles. The latter was reportedly disgruntled since the team traded up to choose Jared Goff with the number one pick in the draft this spring.

Sources say it was Foles who requested for the release, and the team decided on it knowing he wouldn’t have any issues getting hired as a free agent. He was rumored to be unhappy with the setup and an absentee during team activities last month.

It is not yet clear if Jared Goff or Case Keenum will start for the LA Rams in their season opener in San Francisco in September.

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