Denver Broncos news: Von Miller wants to be a Bronco for life; still hopeful about talks

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Von Miller
Von Miller (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Jeffrey Beall)

Von Miller has not made any agreement yet with the Denver Broncos. After turning down $114.5 million for a six-year contract, he remains so much a Bronco and would rather stay with the team for a long time.

The Denver Broncos linebacker is still hopeful that there would be a deal made between him and the team, Yahoo Sports said in its report. He has maintained that he wants to be with the Broncos for a long time. On his guest appearance on the Netflix show, “Chelsea,” he shared with host Chelsea Handler that he would rather be a Bronco for the rest of his life, according to ESPN.

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“I want to be a Bronco forever, I just want the feeling to be the same from the Broncos,” he said during the show. Talks have stalled between the two sides, and at times, the situation didn’t even look too good. There is, for instance, a photo that Miller had posted on social media of the Broncos at the White House. Miller had taken out former Broncos quarterback John Elway from the photo.

On the show, he did say that there is still a month to go to work something out. July 15 is the deadline for players to negotiate long-term deals. After which, if no deal would be made, Miller will have to play for $14 million under a one-year contract.

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The point of contention for Miller is the amount of guaranteed money he would get. The issue would likely continue especially with the news that Fletcher Cox of the Philadelphia Eagles was able to secure the highest guaranteed money given to a non-quarterback player. This will likely be one of the points that Miller’s side will be presenting should negotiations resume.

Despite negotiations still stalled, Miller has been hopeful that it will somehow be resolved. He has maintained that he wanted to be a Bronco for life and with that thought, it is likely that there would be an agreement between him and the team.

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