New Orleans coroner reveals Will Smith was shot 8 times

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Will Smith, a player on the National Football League. (Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia)

New Orleans Coroner Jeffrey Rouse has released an official statement regarding the death of former Saints defensive end Will Smith. The forensic autopsy revealed that Smith was shot by the suspect, Cardell Hayes, eight times, seven times in the back.

“Preliminary autopsy results revealed the presence of eight gunshot wound tracks. There were no other traumatic injuries observed,” Rouse said in the statement via

“Seven of these wounds were penetrating in nature, with projectiles recovered and no corresponding exit wounds. These bullet tracks had entrance into the left upper back (1), left mid-back (2), left lower back (3), and left lateral chest wall (1). Many of these bullets perforated vital organs, including the lungs and heart,” he added.

The 34-year-old Will Smith was killed on Saturday and the autopsy was performed on Monday. Besides the investigating of the injuries sustained, the coroner also performed a toxicology analysis and the results will be available in six to eight weeks.

The coroner added that Smith’s case is being preliminary classified as a homicide. As mentioned in a previous report, the suspect has been charged by the New Orleans Police Department of second-degree murder for the death of the former Saints player.

The attorney of the Smith family, Peter Thomson, said that after Hayes shot Racquel Smith on the legs, he proceeded to fire multiple shots on the dying Will Smith that was already on the ground. Thomson also revealed that Racquel suffered a fractured right femur while a bullet passed through her left thigh, per USA Today.

The investigation will likely take more time, but Smith’s father has already accepted his son’s fate. In an interview with The Herald Sun on Tuesday, William Smith commented on the death of his son, Will.

“The best way I can look at it, God gave me an angel, and I can’t have my angel back,” Smith said. “He took him,” the father said.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia

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