NFL 2016 Draft : Jared Goff, Carson Wentz are this year’s top picks

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are this year’s top picks in the NLF Draft held in Chicago.

They did live up to their expectations as officially Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are this year’s top picks in the NLF Draft held in Chicago. Though most analysts will criticize the order of the pick, one thing is sure it will be an exciting season to watch which of the two will go big time.

As promised and reported, the Los Angeles Rams picked Jared Goff as their number one pick while the Philadelphia Eagles went for Carson Wentz as the second pick. Yahoo reports that picking quarterbacks did not go as number one and two and this has happened three times in the last five drafts.

The Rams pondered on the things that they will be doing since coming back to Los Angeles and they are very excited for the next season with Casey Keenum as starting quarterback and Goff as their cornerstone for the future. It was pure hard work for the Rams to get the number one pick and for them, all things paid off, thanks to Sam Bradford, whom they selected number one back in 2010.

After picking Bradford in the draft, the Rams as reported by Gary Klein would trade Bradford to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015 for Nick Foles together with an extra second round pick. Foles signed a hefty $24.5 million deal extension, but the Rams benched him in favor of Keenum.

Armed with an extra second round pick, the Rams worked out a deal with the Tennessee Titans to land them on top of this year’s draft and hope that Goff would be a franchise that they will hold on for a long time.

The Eagles, however, worked out a deal with the Cleveland Browns and landed Wentz but they are not ruling Wentz as a second rated quarterback. The 23-year old quarterback out of North Dakota is considered big for his position but can run a lot of plays and many thought that Wentz was the right pick for the Eagles as they will try another run for the playoffs this season and possibly a spot in the Super Bowl.

Many rumors, speculation, and reports have been written between Goff and Wentz and many liken them to that of the rivalry between Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning back in the 1998 NFL Draft and many hope that both Goff and Wentz could live past those great names and live a rivalry of their own when the season starts.

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