NFL 2016 Playoffs: New York Giants look to continue winning run when they face the Philadelphia Eagles

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New York Giants look to continue winning run when they face the Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo knows the match against the Philadelphia Eagles will start their golden ticket to the Super Bowl.

Despite the recent incidents, the New York Giants look to clinch their playoff berth when they visit the Philadelphia Eagles. Giants’ coach Ben McAdoo knows the match against the Eagles will start their golden ticket to the Super Bowl.

Yes, the Giants are bold enough to talk about getting into this season’s Super Bowl after playing top teams. According to NBC New York, Eli Manning is working with the team’s offense in perfecting their plays. The same plays that have pushed them way past the Cowboys and Lions.

However, the Giants must approach their match against the Eagles with seriousness before falling in the pit of overconfidence. Aside from that the Giants’ defense should continue to sting, especially Carson Wentz from sending the ball to the end zone.

Keys for a Giants’ win

The Giants must continue their short run plays to keep the Eagles defense confuse. McAdoo added that the Giants are looking like Super Bowl contenders with putting that fifth ring as their goal.

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Manning has shown time and again that he could very lead the Giants. He just hopes Odell Beckham Jr. is on the same page so they can wreak havoc, especially in the playoffs. Defensive tackle Damon Harrison tells the New York Post everyone remains focused on the task given since Day One.

“It was talked about in the very first meeting, and just about every meeting since then,” Harrison said. “It’s not about individuals, it’s not about one side of the ball, and it is the greatest team goal. He’s done a great job of preaching that message and instilling that in us. And every guy in this locker room knows exactly the goal and we work hard to try to achieve that.”

With their mindset, rival teams, including the Eagles, should worry about the Giants as they are for real this time. Harrison added that McAdoo installed on them to treat each game as if it is the Super Bowl already. He admits they are far from their goals but a win over the Eagles will be the best start.

Will the “walkie-talkie” penalty affect their game?

McAdoo tries not to think of the penalties he and the Giants received after the league found them guilty. He added that their match against the Eagles is far too important than crying over penalties.

According to USA Today, the league fined the Giants $200,000 total for using walkie-talkies during their match against the Cowboys. Aside from that, their 2017 fourth-round pick drops 12 spots, a penalty they are willing to absorb.

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The league prohibits coaches from using a radio during game time because it won’t cut out with 15 seconds left on the play clock, as the approved coach-player headsets do.

Penalized or not penalized, the Giants remain to focus on what they need to do and includes winning over the Eagles. A step, which McAdoo described, will bring them closer to a Super Bowl appearance.

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