NFL: Cleveland Browns closing in on RG3, promises starting QB position

The Cleveland Browns have moved on from their mini drama series with quarterback Johnny Manziel and are now promising heaven and earth to land quarterback free agent Robert Griffin III (RG3).

Griffin hit free agency after being waived by the Washington Redskins and the quarterback is testing the waters this 2016 NFL offseason. Teams such as the Browns, New York Jets and the Denver Broncos have set their eyes on the 26-year old quarterback out of Baylor.

The Browns, in particular, are trying to move heaven and earth just to land Griffin to their line up promising a high pay check and the starting position going into next season.

As reported by USA Today, Brown’s coach Hue Jackson described Griffin’s visit over the weekend as a “great meeting” and was impressed with Griffin’s talent and work ethic.

“It was a great meeting. I think he’s obviously a tremendous talent and a great young man. He had a lot of success early in Washington and then things just didn’t work out. Those things happen in the National Football League,” Jackson said.

In a report by Cleveland.com, Jackson was confused of why Griffin’s career did not made a huge impact with the Redskins, considering the talent that Griffin has starting with his rookie season.

“Everybody’s looking for where’s the hook? Obviously things didn’t go as well on the end part of his career there. But as we all know those things happen with players – sometimes it’s environment, sometimes it’s change in environment, sometimes change in situations. He’s talented. And he’s a good guy and I think he likes to play,” Jackson added.

Griffin signed a four-year contract with the Redskins worth over $21 million and this year, he has a base salary of $16.155 million and the Browns are aiming to match that or even give in more with the aim of having him lead their team to battling for a playoff spot next season.

Aside from Griffin, the Browns were also reportedly considering making a run for San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, but that is now a thing of the past. They hope to sign Griffin and then from there, work their way going into the 2016 NFL Draft wherein they will pick second behind the Tennessee Titans.

Photo Courtesy: Samuel Barfield III/Flickr

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