NFL Draft 2016: Rams gets No. 1 pick from Titans, targets potential QB

The LA Rams shocked the NFL world after getting the No.1 overall pick from a trade with the Tennessee Titans.

The Los Angeles Rams have landed one of the most compelling turnarounds in its franchise start for the season as they were able to get the number one overall pick from the Tennessee Titans in the upcoming NFL Draft that will take place starting on April 28 in Chicago.

The deal was reportedly agreed by both teams on Wednesday and was made official Thursday as reported by The Guardian. In the deal, the Rams will get the Titans number one pick in the first round along with their picks in the fourth and sixth rounds, respectively. In return, the Rams will give up their first-round pick or the 15th overall pick along with two second-round selections and their third-round pick. Aside from that, the Titans will also receive the Rams’ first and third round picks for the 2017 draft.

Now, the Rams have a reason to celebrate after having thoughts of offering possible quarterbacks they now have the pleasure of pursuing and picking a potential quarterback that will help them get through the season to come. The Rams are reported to be eyeing North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz and Jared Goff of California.

“Our philosophy has always been to build through the draft. This trade is a reflection of that goal and Mr. Kroenke’s dedication to assembling a winning team on the field. We appreciate his commitment as we continue to improve our roster and lay the foundation for our future through this year’s draft,” Rams general manager Les Snead said in a statement.

Leigh Steinberg writes that the move that the Rams made surely shocked the NFL and teams are now taking a good second look at them. He added that he “dramatic trade” with the Titans allowed them to enhance their team by getting a potential franchise quarterback.

“The Rams have also sent a signal to Southern California and their new-found fans that they are serious about winning and fielding an interesting team. Pairing a newly drafted quarterback with Pro Bowl Running Back Todd Gurley is the type of star combination that Los Angeles gets excited about,” Steinberg explains.

Looks like the Rams have set the trend going into the draft as most of the teams in the NFL have searched for young, steady and reliable quarterbacks. With the way things are going the chances that quarterbacks will be picked and traded during the draft, the week is pretty much high.

Photo Courtesy: BrokenSphere/Wikimedia

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