NFL Draft Rumor: Broncos keen on picking Paxton Lynch?

NFL rumors are swirling that the Denver Broncos are keen at picking Paxton Lynch in the coming draft.

The Denver Broncos are in the mix of a swirling NFL rumor that they are very much keen in picking Memphis Tigers quarterback Paxton Lynch in the coming 2016 NFL Draft that will take place next week starting on April 28 in Chicago.

The Broncos have been searching a probable back-up to their in house talents in the quarterback position. They have been linked in a trade negotiation with Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, but still they are in a stalemate as Kaepernick refuses to take a pay cut and the 49ers also refusing to the terms and conditions set by the Broncos to make the trade possible.

The Broncos were also linked to beleaguered Johnny Manziel, but obviously, because of recent controversies involving Manziel, they were not entertaining the thought even though Von Miller has been calling for the move to happen.

The Broncos are hoping that Mark Sanchez could deliver the goods for them as they for a return stint to the Super Bowl, but coach Gary Kubiak also wants a contingency plan in place so as not to overwork Sanchez in the field.

Thus, quarterbacks are now in their list of priorities and with the talented pool of youngsters in the draft, the Broncos are looking to snatch one and rumors has it that they are looking at Paxton Lynch.

The 22-year old playmaker out of Memphis is what ESPN describes a quarterback who plays “cool under pressure.” He has started for the Tigers in three years and has a 22-16 win-loss record to his name. Last year, Lynch completed 66.8 percent of his passes for 3,776 yards and 28 touchdowns with four interceptions.

He is also the tallest quarterback in this year’s draft, but uses this advantage with his athleticism to get the job done. Though it was noted that one of his downside is the lack of elite competition to test his skills to the fullest and once he gets into a professional squad these skills will be put to the test.

The Broncos on their part have made a visit to take a look at Lynch in action and by the way things are going, rumors are heating up that the Broncos are working on a trade of their 31st spot in the draft order to be upfront in order to land Lynch to their roster. Lynch, together with other prospects, are being eyed by the Broncos to form a formidable quarterback rotation that they hope could get them to defend their title next season.

Photo Courtesy: Adnrew Mason @MaseDenver/Twitter

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