NFL Draft Rumor: Panthers, Jets battle it out OT Shon Coleman

Shon Coleman is living the dream as he is one of the underclassmen who will be part of the 2016 NFL Draft.

With the NFL draft just around the corner, rumors are swirling around the league that the Carolina Panthers and the New York Jets will be in for a joust to land offensive tackle Shon Coleman.

The 24-year old battled his way to where he is now as he was not able to play in his first two years in Auburn University due to leukemia and after undergoing treatment, he was given the go signal by his doctors and was allowed to play.

He earned his first playing time in 2013 as the backup left tackle to Greg Robinson. In 2014, Coleman became a starter for the first time.

Now, Coleman is ready to live his NFL dream as he is one of the underclassmen who are seeking a spot in the professional league. Coleman’s work ethics and discipline has not gone unnoticed as two teams have been rumored to battle it out to land him in their roster.

Brian Strickland writes that since Coleman was allowed to play football, he never rested to keep his weight out of shape and this would soon be granted once a team picks him up come April 28 in Chicago.

“I was working out like at two o’clock in the morning, sneaking out, trying to keep my weight up. I went to this place called Lifetime in Memphis. I went when like nobody was there. I wanted to be low-key, just go out there and push some weight around, just trying to stay as fit as I could,” Coleman said.

The Panthers might seemed complete in its roster, but with the addition of Coleman to their lineup, it will surely inspire the team in getting better and would push them to get back into the Super Bowl again but this time with a better prepared squad.

However, standing in the way of the Panther’s way of getting Coleman will be the New York Jets, who are taking a look at Coleman as the successor of D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Through SB Nations’ mock draft, Coleman will be seen in a tug-of-war between the two teams.

With the draft just days away, it will be interesting which team will land Coleman since the Panthers will be picking no. 30 while the Jets will be in the good position at no. 20. Though things will get crazier during draft day as teams will bargain with each other with future draft picks and trades.

Photo Courtesy: Carolina Panthers @Panthers/Twitter

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