NFL Trade Rumors: 49ers, Eagles talk for possible Kaepernick-Bradford trade

Colin Kaepernick and Sam Bradford have one thing on common and that is they are disgruntled with their respective teams and vice versa.

Colin Kaepernick and Sam Bradford have one thing on common and that is they are disgruntled with their respective teams and vice versa. But NFL trade rumors have surfaced lately that the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles are talking and looking at the possibility of a trade between the two.

Though Kaepernick was linked to talks with the Denver Broncos in various NFL trade rumors, however, with the too much asking price for his release made them look elsewhere. Then during the draft held over the weekend, the Broncos closed the chapter with their talks with Kaepernick after picking Paxton Lynch, who will join Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian in coach Gary Kubiak’s rotation.

Even Broncos executive vice president of football operations and general manager John Elway told 9 News in Denver that they are pretty much excited of their future with Lynch in their roster.

“Yeah we can end that.  We’re thrilled we added Paxton. We think he can have a long career and he can be that guy. We’re not going to put too much pressure on him too early, break him in  slowly, but we’re really thrilled that he’s a guy with a lot of upside and he’s going to continue to get better,” Elway said.

The same goes also with Bradford, who was also in talks with Broncos but could not seem to find a common ground to which both parties could agree upon. Besides, the Eagles have again stated that Bradford is going to start for them next season and no trades will be entertained as of the moment.

But with disgruntled quarterbacks in their respective rosters, chaos is about to come out of the situation as both Kaepernick and Bradford wants out of their respective teams. Thus would a trade between the two teams augment the situation?

As the trade could happen, the next question will be if teams would agree to what both quarterbacks are asking for? Kaepernick is asking for a higher pay check and does the Eagles have what it takes to cater to his needs or will the two end up where they are right now and wait till the timing is good for another round of trade talks?

However, Shalise Manza Young writes that teams such as the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns might show interest in either of the two to open more NFL trade rumors. The Jets are also in a stalemate with their negotiations with Ryan Fitzpatrick and both parties do not want to give in leaving the doors open for possibility of negotiations.

The Browns, on the other hand, has signed Robert Griffin III and signing another veteran playmaker in the field will be a good and healthy competition to raise the standards of the Browns’ offense as well.

Taking in either Kaepernick or Bradford comes with a hefty price and unless teams show interest in them, they are very much staying where they are for now, despite the NFL trade rumors. But one thing is for sure, a team need a quarterback to facilitate order inside the playing field.

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