NFL Rumors: Brock Osweiler the savior of the Cleveland Browns or a move that leads to Jimmy Garoppolo trade

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The Cleveland Browns acquired disappointing quarterback Brock Osweiler from the Houston Texans. The Texans agreed to send Osweiler to the Browns and included two future picks in the reported deal. The Browns will also send another a pick to the Texans.

According to the official Browns-Texans trade, the Browns will be getting Osweiler and his $16 million salary plus the a second round and sixth round selections and the Browns will get a fourth round pick.

The move is seen as a salary dump for the Texans, who are rumored to be chasing Tony Romo via a trade with the Dallas Cowboys. Houston can outright sign Romo if the Cowboys release the veteran quarterback.

Texans open up cap space for Tony Romo by dealing Brock Osweiler

However, they have competition in getting Romo like the Denver Broncos. A trade will guarantee that they will get the veteran QB and they won’t have to get through the troubles in free agency. The Texans have now cleared some salary cap space by trading the disappointing Osweiler, who struggled in a starting role with Houston last season.

According to other NFL rumors, the Browns are still interested in trading Jimmy Garoppolo. Those extra draft picks might be needed if they want to finalize a deal with the New England Patriots involving their backup QB.

The Patriots have stated that they are not trading Garoppolo and still want him to be their future starting quarterback. But Tom Brady recently extended his contract and will play for the next three to five years. With Brady still the starting QB, it’s unlikely that New England sticks with Garoppolo as backup.

The Browns are still searching for their franchise quarterback after years of searching for one. Robert Griffin III was the last big name quarterback in Cleveland and it did not work out for the Browns last year. The long list of failed starting quarterbacks include Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel, Brandon Weeden,Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, among many others in recent seasons.

Rebuilding move for Browns in acquiring Brock Osweiler

According to MMQB from Sports Illustrated, the Browns move to acquire Osweiler was pure “moneyball” move.

“The Browns have hoarded assets. They traded the second pick in last year’s draft and dealt down again before actually selecting a player (Corey Coleman). They also let free agents like Mitchell Schwartz, Alex Mack, Travis Benjamin and Tashaun Gipson go, knowing comp picks would be coming back. And in doing so, they amassed the most cap room any team has had in the 24-year history of NFL free agency,” the article stated.

“The windfall: $102 million in cap space, and 11 picks within the first six rounds of the 2017 draft, including five of the first 65 picks.”

With lots of picks and salary cap space, the Browns are in very good position in their rebuilding period. According to NFL rumors, Cleveland will be aggressive in trying to get Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots. The Browns now have the trade assets to make that happen.

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