NFL News: Darren Sharper sentenced to 18 years in prison for rape charges

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Darren Sharper has been sentenced to multiple years in prison after he was found guilty of rape accusations.

Sharper, who is a former NFL star who played 14 seasons in the league, last played for the New Orleans Saints in 2010. After he retired, he became involved in many controversies. But this recent one seems to be a tough pill to swallow for him.

According to Ramon Vargas of The Advocate, Sharper is sentenced to 18 years in prison. This is mostly based on rape allegations of as many as 16 women.

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Sharper’s rape allegations have stemmed from the incidents between the periods of October 2013 until his arrest in January 2014. But he was then released in February 2014 after posting a $200,000 bond at the New Orleans Police Department.

Darren’s issues did not end there as different women continued filing rape cases against him. All accusations did not merit him a conviction until just now. This is thanks to a woman’s claim to the federal court that he also raped before.

The victim was obviously emotional at what Sharper has done to her.

“You gave me and the entire judicial system the big middle finger because you thought we weren’t capable of stopping you,” the woman said while looking directly at Sharper and holding back tears.

The victim also added that she cannot allow the former NFL star to get away to what he did to her or to any other girls.

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Shortly after the woman’s claim, Darren admitted his mistake in the trial court.

“This is all on me, I take full responsibility for that,” Sharper said.

After the former NFL star statements, U.S. district Judge Jane Triche Milazzo convicted him of 18 years and four months jail time.

During Sharper’s NFL career, he is the only NFL player to lead the league in interception return yards in three different seasons. He did this back in his NFL campaigns in 2002, 2005 and 2009.

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