NFL News: Philadelphia Eagles determined to retain Sam Bradford, increases offer

The Philadelphia Eagles are determined to re-sign starting quarterback Sam Bradford with the free agency just days ahead. The Eagles are looking to increase their offer that will go along with a long-term deal, which would be a win-win solution for both sides in the latest in the NFL.

As first reported by Fox Sports, the Eagles met with Bradford’s agent to discuss the terms of the deal, which according to a source will be a multi-year deal that Bradford can’t refuse. The Eagles are making the strong move to re-sign Bradford before the NFL free agency that will open on March 9.

“You have to want to be somewhere and I think Sam wants to be in Philadelphia,” Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said.

However, if the deal fails the Philadelphia Eagles also has a contingency plan and that is to go after Chase Daniel, whom Pederson worked with back in Kansas City while Mark Sanchez is said to remain within the Eagles’ roster.

The Philadelphia Eagles are doing their best to re-sign Bradford as they are in a tight situation as they will be picking 13th in the coming NFL Draft which is set from April 28 to 30 in Chicago while other teams are not keen to take in Bradford as they have plans of re-signing their own quarterbacks. Thus making the offer a win-win solution for either side.

Bradford is looking to push himself and the Eagles to a good finish for the coming season. Last season he started in 14 games and has a passing attempt of 2,292 with 1,378 passing completions. He also has 78 touchdowns against 52 interceptions with a total passing yard of 14, 790.

In his NFL career, Bradford was named as the AP NFL Offensive Rookies of the Year (2010), Rams Rookie of the Year (2010), holds the NFL record for most consecutive passes without an interception by a rookie at 169, holds the NFL record for most completions by a rookie at 354, was a Heisman Trophy awardee in 2008, named to the First-team All-Big 12 in 2008, Consensus All-American in 2008 and College awards and honors.

Photo Courtesy: US Embassy London/Wikimedia

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