NFL News: Selfless Tom Brady, the quarterback legend continues

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NFL news on Tom Brady
NFL news on Tom Brady, New England Patriots

On one’s drive for success, it’s one thing to come in and charge with all you’ve got, and another to keep that energy, focus and enthusiasm all the way. And that’s what the New England Patriots have in quarterback Tom Brady, NFL news reveal.

For the fourteen years that Tom Brady had started for the NFL ’s New England Patriots he’s led his team six times to the Super Bowl, winning three Super Bowl MVPs in the process, and two league MVP awards.

The six trips to the Super Bowl by the New England Patriots with Tom Brady is the most for any quarterback in history, where he’s helped win four titles. He’s closing in for most wins by a QB in NFL history too.

How does Tom Brady sustain this? Unlike many athletes, NFL news says his drive to win isn’t fueled on the self. It’s not about how many MVP tiles one garners, but it’s simply keeping those victories rolling.

Tom Brady doesn’t care about being the MVP. He just wants the main prize.

Tom Brady is now just a win away from tying Brett Favre (199), two victories shy of Peyton Manning (200); add one more to that for most wins, the all-time winningest quarterback in history.

“This doesn’t happen very often when someone is with the same franchise and has won this many games. So I think for him, it would be a very sweet accomplishment,” Tom Brady told the Boston Herald for NFL news.

“People are talking about MVP, but I don’t think any of that (awards) stuff means anything to him. I know that stuff doesn’t mean anything to him. What’s important are postseason victories and Super Bowls. If you don’t win the Super Bowl, it’s a crummy year for him.”

In spite of having helped instil the culture of winning, sixteen years since he joined the NFL, Tom Brady remains as fiery as ever. After all this time for him it’s still all about the team, selflessly shunning personal accolades as a second priority.

“And, in his heart of hearts, it’s all about the team,” Tom Brady Sr. added. “When people talk about individual accomplishments, that really doesn’t ring his bell.”

For his part, Tom Brady echoes his father’s sentiments about his drive and said, “Football is the ultimate team sport.”

“You can’t do anything in this sport without everyone, without every single person, and not just the players, but the coaches and everyone in the organization from the scouting, the training room, the equipment room, the locker room (contributing) . . . everyone plays a role. So it takes a lot of support to accomplish that (kind of record).”

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