NFL player Will Smith update: Tyrann Mathieu says shooter thought ‘drugs and killing are cool’

Tyrann Mathieu says that hew knew the suspect in the Will Smith shooting in New Orleans.

Tyrann Mathieu openly stated that he knew the alleged shooter who killed New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith Saturday night in an apparent road rage incident.

Mathieu, who plays as a cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals, posted on his Twitter that he knew the suspect, Cardell Hayes, as he played with the latter during their high school days in New Orleans.

“I know that dude, he’s been a hating a** coward…Never knew he’d grow up to be a killer tho…May you get what you deserve coward,” Mathieu said.

Hayes was arrested minutes after shooting Will Smith and his wife, who were reportedly driving in New Orleans and got into a minor car collision. Eyewitnesses account that they heard six to eight shots after which Smith was found with his face down the steering wheel.

Smith succumbed to a gunshot wound to his back and right torso while his wife was also shot twice, but was able to survive the incident though no medical bulletin has been posted as to her condition.

Mathieu, on the other hand, blamed rap music for brainwashing people and pointed to as the sole responsible for Hayes to commit such crime. He added that rap music tends to promote that drugs and crime are cool things to do to which he rebutted that being a father and handling things like a man is way being cool.

“All they have is music to influence them, and if you listen closely to music now a days, it’s brainwashing them to believe drugs and killing. Are the cool thing to do which is why I’m dropping an album…Cause that sh** ain’t cool, cool is being a father and being able to provide,” Mathieu added.

ABC news reported that after getting into a minor car collision, both Hayes and Smith got into a verbal exchange that was followed by the shooting. Authorities have arrested and charged the 28-year old Hayes with second-degree murder. Hayes was taken to the court wherein he did not enter any plea and his bond was set at $1 million.

Smith was drafted by the Saints in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft. He would go on to play with the Saints until 2013 after he was placed on the injured reserve list. He was later released by the Saints in February of 2014. Smith would then sign with the New England Patriots in May but would later be released by August.

The Saints announced today that the 34-year old Smith was voted into the Saints Hall of Fame last month and the news would have been made public next month.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia

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