NFL Playoffs 2017: Chip Kelly worries about Seahawks rather than status in 49ers next season

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Chip Kelly worries about Seahawks rather than status in 49ers next season
The NFL this season had some coaches fired and many speculate Chip Kelly is next but he would rather worry when they host the Seattle Seahawks.

The NFL this season had some coaches fired from their jobs and many speculate Chip Kelly is next. But Kelly would rather worry when they host the Seattle Seahawks for their final match this Sunday.

According to ESPN’s Nick Wagoner, Kelly is not worried about the status of his job with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers miss this season’s playoffs as they now sport a 2-13 tally in the NFC division. Kelly wants to worry more on how they could at least beat the Seahawks and talk about his contract later.

“I’m concerned with Seattle,” Kelly said. “That’s not a discussion, shouldn’t be discussed during the season. So, we’ll discuss it after the season.”

Kelly’s value to the 49ers

Kelly signed a four-year deal with the 49ers worth $24 million before the start of this season. He added that he meets with the 49ers top honcho to assess the team’s performance each week. So far, Kelly noted that their discussions did not ever fall on him as the topic.

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The 49ers have a habit of firing their coach after a discouraging season, but that will change with Kelly. Instead of assessing Kelly’s performance as head coach, the 49ers might take into assessment general manager Trent Baalke.

There are reports of the 49ers moving on from Baalke to help in the shakedown of their roster. However, Kelly expects an evaluation of his performance as likely with Baalke as well in the offseason.

“It seems unlikely the Niners would want to move on from Kelly and hire a fourth coach in four seasons. But if they move on from Baalke they may hire a powerful general manager. It’s possible that person could want to make a change,” Wagoner wrote.

How Kelly keeps his mind off the topic?

It is no brainer that the 49ers are already out of the playoff race, but they could still play spoilers when they play the Seahawks. The visiting team now hold third seed going into Week 17 and the outcome of their match will still matter.

A win by the Packers and the Giants can still shake up the seeding for the wild card round. Thus, the Seahawks still needs to score a win over the 49ers. With nothing to lose, Kelly and the 49ers will try their best to spoil the Seahawks from celebrating just yet.

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Although many have lost faith with the 49ers, they can still give the Seahawks a run for their money. The 49ers know the Seahawks are short-handed going into Week 17 and will try to capitalize their advantage. However, Russell Wilson will find ways to keep their offense running like the last time they met the 49ers.

With the match against the Seahawks, Kelly has no time to think of his job with 49ers. He would rather focus on thinking how to stop Wilson and their offense from further trampling on them this Sunday.

Do you think the 49ers will fire Kelly by the end of the season?

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