NFL Playoffs 2017: Packers gets ready for Lions with Clay Matthews and Nick Perry back

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Packers gets ready for Lions with Clay Matthews and Nick Perry back
The Green Bay Packers reactivated Clay Matthews and Nick Perry which could spell trouble for Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

The Green Bay Packers put everything on the line when they play the Detroit Lions, Sunday which defines their season. The Packers reactivated Clay Matthews and Nick Perry which could spell trouble for Matthew Stafford.

According to a report by the Associated Press, Matthews is back after suffering a sore left shoulder. Meanwhile, Perry is nursing an injured left hand but is nowhere close to getting healthy yet. However, with a lot of things at stake, both Matthews and Perry determine to help the Packers into the playoffs.

“They’re our bookends, they’re our pass rushers. It’s obviously a premier position on defense and these guys have battled injuries all year,” Coach Mike McCarthy said. “I just give them a ton of credit, tons of love just the way they’re going about it.”

Things not looking good for Stafford

With the Packers defense pushing through with their plan on playing this weekend, pressure and problems mount against Stafford. The Lions’ quarterback himself is also nursing torn ligaments to his middle finger. The injury has bothered Stafford in their last three matches wherein he threw one touchdown and three interceptions.

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Though Matthews sees Stafford playing well despite the injury, he still thinks it would be an advantage worthy of exploring. Stafford just hopes he does not get sacked many times like what happened during their match against the Cowboys.

“So hopefully we can take advantage. It seems like we’re playing really well on the turnovers on defense,” Matthews added. “Maybe that will be the difference in the game.”

The Packers just want to enter the playoffs and beating the Lions would be their last card for this season. However, the stakes go higher as a win would also give them the division title and assured home game. If they would lose, the Packers would have to call on all saints in heaven for outside help.

The Packers march on with a five-game winning streak and hopes to culminate it with a playoff run this season. But the Lions themselves also want to make it to the playoffs as expectations run high.

Beating the Packers would give the Lions a Super Bowl spot?

Lions’ safety Glover Quin told Dave Birkett and Carlos Monarre of “Talkin’ Lions” they will get a Super Bowl spot. But adds they just need to barge into the playoffs this season. Quin compared their feat with that of how the Giants won the Super Bowl comes from a wildcard ticket.

“I know the Giants probably feel that way. They’ve won the Super Bowl from the wildcard. So I know now in New York they’re probably like, ‘Hey, man, to us it doesn’t matter. We’re in,’” Quin said.

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Both the Packers and the Lions know the weight of the stakes online this weekend. Both teams are sure to give everything they have this weekend. It will be an exciting and a fitting finish for this year’s regular season.

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