NFL Playoffs 2017: Packers WR Jordy Nelson a doubtful starter against the Cowboys

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Packers WR Jordy Nelson a doubtful starter against the Cowboys
Jordy Nelson failed to report for practice Wednesday giving the Cowboys another advantage to Sunday’s divisional showdown with the Packers.

Problems pile up with the Green Bay Packers with wide receiver Jordy Nelson doubtful to play against the Dallas Cowboys. Nelson failed to report for practice Wednesday, giving the Cowboys another advantage to Sunday’s divisional showdown with the Packers.

According to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, the Packers hope Nelson could train with the team Wednesday until Saturday. It would be an ample time before coach Mike McCarthy hands down a decision. Nelson suffered a rib injury in their 38-13 win over the Giants and spent a night in a hospital. After being released, McCarthy stated Nelson’s status with the team has not changed until he returns to practice.

McCarthy explained that Nelson will practice with the other injured players of the Packers on the sideline. He added that Nelson will try to practice with the team on Saturday to assess his progress. McCarthy stress if Nelson won’t make it before they fly to face the Cowboys, then he stays on the sidelines.

Other options for the Packers

With the uncertainty of having Nelson this weekend, the Packers still have other talented receivers on their roster. McCarthy sees veteran Randall Cobb, who played solid minutes in their victory over the Giants in the wild card round. Aside from Cobb, the Packers also have Davante Adams and Jared Cook, who could still work wonders for their cause.

Aside from that, the Packers also have quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who could still run the ball against the Cowboys’ defense. They also have Ty Montgomery and Christine Michael, who showed grace under pressure in their match against the Giants.

Aside from their offensive line, the Packers’ defense can also find ways to slow down the Cowboys. According to Jeff Dooley of The Washington Post, if the Packers’ defense holds on they may have a chance. They need to put as much pressure on both Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot to keep the match close.

Kevlar vest for Nelson to play

According to Jesse Reed of MSN, Nelson even brought the idea of playing this weekend using a Kevlar vest. Reed noted Rodgers himself floated the idea just like in 2012 wherein former Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick wore a vest. Aside from Vick, Dan Pastorini also resorted to such idea playing for the Houston Oilers back in the 1970s.

Going into their match Sunday, the Cowboys are well-rested and have some of their injured players coming back. This season will be the first time that the Cowboys have a healthy roster going into the playoffs. It may spell trouble for the Packers, considering their already depleted roster. But it does not stop their wish to take a step closer to a Super Bowl dream this season.

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