NFL Rumor: Colin Kaepernick ready to take pay cut to move to Broncos?

The Denver Broncos want Colin Kapernick to take a pay cut for them to take him in a trade.

Colin Kaepernick might have found a solution to his problem with salary pay hike with the San Francisco 49ers that will push him to take the pay check for him to be shipped out to play for the Denver Broncos.

However, it will not be on the terms set by Kaepernick because the Broncos would want him to take a lesser pay check for them to take him in.

According to AOL, Kaepernick’s struggles last season makes him unmarketable among teams in the NFL and since the Broncos are in dire need of a quarterback, they would want Kaepernick to take the dive and they will keep their part of the bargain.

Though the Broncos have already acquired Mark Sanchez from the Philadelphia Eagles, the Broncos management feel that Sanchez needs more time to get the feel of being in the starting QB spot. Thus, John Elway would want to have somebody that would guide Sanchez and they see Kaepernick would the best fit for the job.

Tim Kawakami writes that the San Francisco 49ers should end the dilemma with Kaepernick for them to get on with their separate lives, especially with the coming NFL Draft next month in Chicago.

However, the Broncos would never dare surrender a pick to the 49ers for the coming draft as they would want also to inject young blood to their roster or use it as a playing chip to mix it up with other teams in a trade.

The most probable scenario would be that if Kaepernick takes the pay cut, the Broncos could offer a possible 2017 pick that could entice the 49ers to carry on with the trade. If Kaepernick is not dealt with other teams in a trade, the 49ers will be forced to pay Kaepernick’s guaranteed $11.9 million base salary and all of these must be done before the contractual deadline at the end of this week.

Thus the big question remains, where will Kaepernick play next season? It’s not up to him to decide since the chips will be in the hands of the 49ers and the Broncos, on the other end, are not rushing things as they wait and see how things play on.

Photo Courtesy: Daniel Hartwig/Wikimedia

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