NFL Rumors: Adrian Peterson to New York, intrigued by Giants’ roster moves

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Vikings renegotiating with RB Adrian Peterson to keep him after 2017?
Rumors though are swirling that the Viking are looking to renegotiate with Peterson to keep him with the team until he retires.

Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings have to decide if they want to extend their partnership for one more season soon. Peterson will get paid $18 million in the 2017 season if he’s still in the Vikings’ roster at the start of the new season.

But at 32 years old, it’s likely that the Vikings may want to release him before the contract becomes guaranteed later this year. Minnesota can cut him and save that $18 million off their team salary cap and use it for a younger free agent or own player.

Adrian Peterson can still play at 32 years old?

Peterson is also coming off a major knee surgery. The Vikings have little options left and that’s to renegotiate his current contract or let him go in free agency. If Peterson becomes a free agent, the veteran running back could go to the New York Giants, according to latest NFL rumors.

“The Giants been making some interesting moves,” Peterson, who has played for Minnesota in his entire NFL career, stated via Twitter about New York’s roster moves.

The Giants recently released wide receiver Victor Cruz and running back Rashad Jennings. At the running back position, New York still has Shane Vereen and Paul Perkins. But, adding a veteran in Peterson would not hurt the team if they want to become one of the title contenders next season. This is assuming Peterson fully recovers from his knee injury and has gas left in his tank for the rest of his NFL career.

Giants making room for Peterson, other free agents?

The new Adrian Peterson to Giants rumors surfaced when the veteran commented on the Giants’ latest moves to release Cruz and Jennings. The Vikings can cut Peterson before the roster deadline on March 8 or else they will take the $18 million cap hit from Peterson’s salary. The base salary for Peterson is at $11.7 million with $6 million roster bonus and $250,000 workout bonus, per

Vikings general manager Rick Spielman was non-committal in moves bringing back Adrian Peterson to Minnesota. The Minnesota GM said previously that he thinks Peterson can still play in the league but said they have to evaluate their roster first.

“I think Adrian will always defy the odds. He got hurt this year, but I still think he has a lot of football left in him. Those will be some of the tough decisions we have to make, and what you do is when you go through this process you’re trying to weigh in where are you going to put your resources and financially where are you going to spend your money,” Spielman stated to the Star Tribune last month.

“We have a lot of young guys coming up this year. I think Xavier Rhodes is an extremely talented young player that we’re going to have to be mentally prepared to address his contract. Those decisions will be made once we get through the free agency and draft meetings. But I think Adrian Peterson has football left in him.”

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