NFL Rumors: Arian Foster to Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys? Veteran RB ready for camp post-injury

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Arian Foster
Arian Foster (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/flickr/AJ Guel

Running back Arian Foster has been in free agency ever since the Houston Texans released him from the team. He is also coming off from an injury on his torn Achilles tendon. He said he would want to be back on his top form in 2012.

Last March, the Houston Texans have released Foster from the team. ESPN reports that at least three teams are possibly looking for him. Though he has gone to the Miami Dolphins this offseason, there are no details as to what transpired there.

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While he has not been signed yet there are speculations as to which teams he would likely go to. At a number of those teams have been listed as possible ones that Foster could join. Getting in to any of the teams would be tough though as he has much competition from other running backs who are also in free agency and have better chances. However one of those teams just might gamble and take him in.

One team speculated is the Denver Broncos. If he would go to the Broncos he would be reunited with his former coach, Gary Kubiak. Foster could be used to build up Denver’s offense, though the Broncos are said to be set with C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman. Another team that could use his offensive experience is the Dallas Cowboys. He could then be used for short offensive thrusts as well as alternate with Darren McFadden.

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Another team that has been on the list is the Seattle Seahawks. Much like the other teams they could use his skill in the zone blocking scheme. All three teams would benefit in his experience. The New England Patriots could also use him, though they don’t employ the zone blocking scheme.

Fansided also speculates that the Indianapolis Colts could benefit with him at running back because he is versatile. He could very well play not just as running back but even as a receiver as well. This versatility will allow the Colts to run better and more varied plays.

Whichever team Foster ends up with would only benefit with his experience. One downside though is that he is prone to injury, which could derail much of what the team plans around him. If he can keep himself fairly injury free he should have a good season with any of them.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/flickr/AJ Guel

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