NFL Rumors: Browns plans to cut WR Josh Gordon for substance abuse

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Browns plans to cut WR Josh Gordon for substance abuse?
Rumors are swirling that the Cleveland Browns are willing to cut wide receiver Josh Gordon due to his substance abuse case.

The Cleveland Browns are singing a different tune now that wide receiver Josh Gordon entered an in-patient rehab facility. Rumors are swirling that the Browns are willing to cut Gordon due to his substance abuse case. reported that the news of the Brown cutting ties with Gordon came after coach Hue Jackson told reporters that the team is “moving on.” However, Browns’ executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown would not comment on Gordon’s status with the team. But Brown stated that they are extending their support to Gordon’s decision for treatment.

“We wish him well,” Jackson said. “We need to close that chapter now. We’re moving on.”

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Gordon posted on Twitter that he is entering a rehab facility Thursday to gain full control of his life. He was to make his comeback against the New England Patriots but decided to put his NFL return on hold.

“After careful thought and deep consideration, I’ve decided that I need to step away from pursuing my return to the Browns and my football career to enter an inpatient rehabilitation facility,” Gordon wrote. “This is the right decision for me and one that I hope will enable me to gain full control of my life and continue on a path to reach my full potential as a person. I appreciate the support of the NFL, NFLPA, the Browns, my teammates, my agent and the community through this extremely challenging process.”

Gordon got suspended in Feb. 2015 in violation of the NFL’s Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse. He then goes to fail a drug test in March but got reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in July.

Prior to his reinstatement, the Browns would try to trade him to other teams for a second-round pick, but Gordon renewed his commitment to stay with the team. Gordon was also bound to miss the first four games of the Browns after being suspended by the Browns.

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With the Browns take a 0-3 record and a potential fourth setback against the Patriots this weekend, the team tries to look for other solutions. Now that Gordon is to rehab the Browns might have to wait until their veteran wide receiver finds his form again.

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