NFL Rumors: Browns signing Michael Vick as Robert Griffin III goes down with shoulder injury

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Michael Vick (Photo Courtesy: Wigstruck/Wikimedia Commons)

The Cleveland Browns curse on quarterbacks continued on Monday when Robert Griffin III was placed on the injured reserve list with a shoulder injury. According to the latest NFL rumors, the Browns might resort into signing veteran free agent QB Michael Vick to provide backup to Josh McCown.

RG3 was diagnosed with a fractured bone in his non-throwing shoulder and he would need at least six weeks to return to practice, per ESPN. The Browns are hoping that Griffin will not need surgery and they are going to know about it in four weeks when he gets re-evaluated.

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NFL rumors in Cleveland suggest that Browns head coach Hue Jackson will not be making any trades. He mentioned that he learned his lessons during his one-year stint as the Oakland Raiders head coach in 2011. He traded two draft picks for Carson Palmer after starter Jason Campbell went down with an injury.

“I learned not to trade. Don’t do that. I learned a valuable lesson in that situation, but I was just having a little fun right there. I learned that if the team has been around the guy, who has a chance to be a quarterback, you’re better off keeping the guy you have,” Jackson told the media, via

According to John Buhler of FanSided, one of the possible free agent targets for the Browns is Michael Vick. He opined that Vick still has a great arm while also providing an additional veteran presence to a really young team.

“The former Virginia Tech great has an elite arm that will cut through the harsh winds associated with playing outside in the AFC North. In his last few years, Vick has shown that he can game-manage and let the running game open up the pass,” Buhler reported.

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It should be noted that these are just purely speculative at the moment. However, expect the Browns to be linked with NFL rumors about a possible trade. Some possible targets are Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers and Geno Smith of the New York Jets.

Photo Courtesy: Wigstruck/Wikimedia Commons

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