NFL Rumors: Canceled hall of fame game to face more than 20 lawsuits?

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The NFL rumors on the hall of fame game facing lawsuits are starting to pile up. Speculations were started by the fans due to their disappointment with the canceled hall of fame game.

According to Barry Wilner of Associated Press, attorney Michael Avenatti told the press that there are more than 20 people that inquired of him about filing a class-action lawsuit. Avenatti added that his firm has also entertained another 10 calls. These 10 people seek further reimbursements and travel expenses from the league.

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Moreover, this is not the first time that the league has encountered a lawsuit. The last one was filed back in 2011 Super Bowl XLV by Avenatti also. The suit was filed because of the lawyer’s bad experience in the event along with other fans. Avenatti argued that they already bought a ticket but was left with no seats when they entered the stadium.

The lawyer also mentioned that their lawsuit is successful against the league back then. It is because after they filed the suit on that unfortunate incident, the league has given more compensation for the fans. This is probably one of the main reasons for the fans filing a class suit against the league.

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Attorney Michael Avenatti added that he plans to file the suit on Friday.

Whether or not the lawsuit will be filed this week is anyone’s guess. There is a strong possibility that this NFL rumors may come to fruition on any given day since the previous lawsuit has made the NFL correct their mistakes for the fans before.

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