NFL Rumors: Cleveland Browns trading No. 1 overall pick in 2017 NFL draft?

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As the 2017 NFL draft draws near, rumors and speculations continue to swirl around the Cleveland Browns who are reportedly considering to trade the No. 1 pick for a proven talent in the league. Last year, the Browns engaged in a blockbuster trade with the Philadelphia 49ers and traded the second overall pick for multiple selections. Will Cleveland do the same this offseason?

The Browns currently hold the 1st and 12th overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft. In the past months, there are speculations that the Browns plan to use the 2017 first-round pick to acquire a veteran QB. However, as of now, Cleveland shows no strong indication of parting ways with their top picks.

NFL Rumors: Cleveland Browns keeping No. 1 pick

During a pre-draft news conference, Cleveland Browns executive VP of football operations Sashi Brown addressed the rumors currently circulating with the team. Brown revealed that there are several NFL teams inquiring about the availability of the No. 1 pick via trade. However, he made it clear that they have no plan of dealing the top pick.

“That would surprise me. If we traded down this year,” Brown said. “We have received calls. We haven’t resigned ourselves one way or the other,” Brown said. “We feel really good about picking at (No. 1) and I’ll leave it at that.”

Brown also explained their decision to trade their second overall pick last year. He admitted that there was an increased pressure of acquiring young talents last offseason. However, he’s confident that the Browns will be using their current picks to draft talented players in the upcoming draft.

NFL Rumors: Browns picking Myles Garrett over Mitchell Trubisky?

Most mock drafts predict the Browns picking defensive lineman Myles Garrett as the No.1 overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft. Cleveland’s executive VP of football operations Sashi Brown recently had a meeting with Garrett and praised the college star.

“Bright young man. Competitive. We spent a lot of time with him, number one, so learned a lot about what makes him tick, what motivates him, how he spends his downtime, how he spends his time with his teammates. You can learn a lot,” Brown said. “He’s an enjoyable young man, very bright. I think whatever team gets him, particularly for us, we’d be proud to have him.”

Though most people expect Garrett to be the top pick, there are speculations that the Brown may consider using the No. pick to acquire Mitchell Trubisky. Cleveland continues their search for their franchise QB in which Trubisky could be a great fit. However, Trubisky’s truncated history may affect Browns’ decision in the upcoming draft.

Photo courtesy: @thedevinkailene/Twitter

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