NFL Rumors: Cowboys trading up for Myles Garrett

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Myles Garret of Texas A&M
PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/@TXAGstore | Myles Garret of Texas A&M

Top prospect Myles Garrett from Texas A&M is a big Dallas Cowboys fan that he asked the franchise to trade up for him in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft. The junior defensive end posted a video that was released on Friday asking Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to pick him in the rookie selection later this year.

Garrett appeals to Cowboys owner

“All right, I’m speaking to you, Jerry. Mr. Garrett, make it happen. Dak Prescott is leading our team right now. I need you to take Tony Romo, take a couple picks, give them to Cleveland so you can pick me up. Please. I would love to play in Dallas. Just make it happen,” Garrett stated in the video, which was recorded last December.

Garrett is from Arlington, Texas so his statement came as no surprise to many. But, Cowboys getting him from the rookie draft is very improbable since Dallas only owns the 28th pick in the first round. They would need a major trade up for the Cowboys if they want to draft Garrett.

Garrett is one of the top prospects in the draft and many NFL mock drafts have him as the number one overall pick. In a different interview, the top defensive end prospect stated that it does not matter where he will end up. He even said that he could even play for the Cleveland Browns and help the team recover from previous poor seasons.

“People might say, oh they’re this, they’re that, or I made a comment about cold weather and they kind of pointed toward Cleveland. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll play wherever they put me. It’s about your mindset you go into it [with],” Garrett added.

Garrett ready to play for any NFL team

“If you go in there with a mindset that you’re going to turn things around, you can make that contagious and people start to believe in it, then you can turn it into a winning program wherever you go.” The Browns need a lot of help from many positions. They had the worst record in the league last year with a 1-15 record.

The DE position is something the Browns can try to improve on by getting Garrett but could also go for other players. North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky, Alabama’s DE/DT Jonathan Allen and Stanford DE Solomon Thomas are all projected to go high in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Garrett was just speaking as a Cowboys fan when he asked to be drafted by his favorite team. He knows it’s impossible to go to Dallas to start his NFL career. But he’s ready to contribute to any team that picks him in the first round. The Browns pick first followed by the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears in the draft that begins April 27 later this year.

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Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@TXAGstore

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