NFL Rumors: Joey Bosa could sit out 2016 season, re-enter draft next year

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San Diego Chargers (Keith Allison/Wiki)

NFL rookie Joey Bosa is still without a deal with the San Diego Chargers and the contract dispute could lead the star defensive end to sit out the 2016 season, according to the latest NFL rumors.

Earlier reports stated that Bosa’s camp, particularly his mother, Cheryl Bosa, is disappointed with the status of her son with the San Diego franchise. Joey Bosa’s mother posted on Facebook that they should have done “an Eli Manning” and forced a trade from the franchise on draft day.

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New reports are stating that one option for Bosa is to sit out a year and re-enter the 2017 NFL Draft. Other reports noted that Bosa comes from a wealthy family and that the financial side is not important for the player.

“In theory, Bosa could survive a year-long holdout in order to re-enter the draft pool next year. Of course, after a year away from football, it’s unlikely that he would go No. 3 or higher in the 2017 draft. Bosa will be ineligible to play this season if he doesn’t sign by the Tuesday after Week 10,” Dallas Robinson of Pro Football Rumors noted in an article.

In 2004, Eli Manning went to the New York Giants after becoming the top pick in the rookie draft and forced his way out of the San Diego Chargers, who had the number one draft pick.

Joey Bosa’s camp could have done the same and there would have been no contract disputes for the defensive end as other teams might not think of giving him a cheaper contract like what the Chargers are doing.

The deadline for a Joey Bosa trade from the Chargers expired on Tuesday. The pair now has no option but to agree on a contract or Bosa could hold out for a year and declare for the draft next year.

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According to NFL rumors, Joey Bosa wants to get paid the whole $17 million signing bonus to be paid in 2016 but San Diego reportedly wants it to be done next year.

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