NFL Rumors: Julius Peppers could be gone from the Green Bay Packers

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Julius Peppers of the Green Bay Packers
PHOTOGRAPH: Kyle Engman/Wikimedia | Julius Peppers of the Green Bay Packers

Free agent veteran Julius Peppers could be gone from the Green Bay Packers next season. According to latest NFL rumors, Peppers might consider moving on to another squad if he does not retire this offseason.

“I’m not saying that I don’t want to play next year,” Julius Peppers stated recently. “I’m not saying that I do. I’m just saying that right now I don’t know.”

Linebacker Nick Perry has played well for the Packers last season. The 26-year-old had 12.0 sacks last season compared to 37-year-old Peppers who still got 8.5 sacks. The total sacks are for both the regular season and the NFL playoffs.

Green Bay Packers need to take care of free agents

Other key free agents in the Green Bay Packers roster are Datone Jones, Jayrone Elliott Jordan Tripp, Joe Thomas and Nick Perry. ESPN notes that Peppers’ time with Green Bay could soon be over.

Last month before the Packers were eliminated by the Atlanta Falcons, Peppers talked about how difficult it is to play in the NFL postseason. He was also asked about retirement that time but avoided answering the question.

Peppers’ retirement rumors

“Not yet. The focus, right now, is on the Atlanta Falcons and nothing else,” Peppers stated to If Julius Peppers leaves Green Bay and becomes a free agent he will join the market with others like Melvin Ingram, Jason Pierre-Paul and James Harrison, among others.

“You’re never guaranteed tomorrow in the playoffs. When you go out on that field, you never know if this will be the last game or not. You always have that in your head going out. You try to learn from past experiences in that situation. It is definitely tough to get back to the playoffs, not to mention the conference championship game.”

Julius Peppers has played for three franchises in his NFL career. He was the second overall pick by the Carolina Panthers in the 2002 NFL Draft. Peppers played for the Panthers from 2002 to 2009 before joining the Chicago Bears in 2010. He has been with the Packers since 2014.

Julius Peppers has made the NFL Pro Bowl team nine times in his career. He is a three-time First Team All-Pro member (2004, 2006 and 2010) and three-time Second Team All-Pro member (2008, 2009 and 2012). History is on Peppers side but at 37 years old there are questions about his health and durability.

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Photo Courtesy: Kyle Engman/Wikimedia

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