NFL Rumors: Justin Forsett moving to Denver; Broncos could use veteran RB to defend Super Bowl title

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Justin Forsett could return to the Baltimore Ravens, according to latest NFL rumors during the weekend after cutting their veteran Saturday. After getting waived, NFL rumors state that Forsett will still be playing for the Ravens and he was cut to get a new deal. However, the Denver Broncos are also a possible team for the veteran.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk revealed the Forsett back to Ravens rumors. Speculations are being heard that there is a prior “unspoken” arrangement between the Ravens and Forsett, who has been one of the key players for Baltimore the last two seasons.

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However, Forsett also suffered from injuries last year that caused him to miss six games in the regular season. He had a great 2014 season though when he had 1,266 rushing yards on 235 carries with eight rushing touchdowns.

In 2015, that dropped to 641 rushing yards on 151 carries with two rushing touchdowns but he misses some games.

Forsett is already 30 years old and will be playing in his 10th NFL season so the Ravens could likely totally let him to go to other teams too. Forsett previously played for the Seattle Seahawks (2009 to 2011), Houston Texans (2012), and Jacksonville Jaguars (2013).

The move to cut Forsett before roster deadline saved the Ravens about $3 million, according to reports.

There are also NFL rumors that Forsett could join the Denver Broncos under head coach Gary Kubiak.

“The next question for Forsett becomes whether someone else will pay him anything close to it. The Broncos make plenty of sense, given Forsett’s ties to coach Gary Kubiak. It was Kubiak who lobbied for Forsett two years ago in Baltimore, where he flourished,” Florio wrote.

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Forsett could return to the Ravens because their rookie RB Kenneth Dixon has a knee injury. Forsett could be the third back in the roster after Terrance West and Javorius Allen and he can play some special teams as well.

Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia

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