NFL Rumors: Laremy Tunsil to be a bust? Rookie having a hard time adjusting to the NFL

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Laremy Tunsil (Photo Courtesy: Eleven Warriors/Flickr)

Laremy Tunsil dropped to the 13th overall pick after a video of him using a gas mask bong surfaced ten minutes before the 2016 NFL Draft. According to the latest NFL rumors, Tunsil could end up being bust since he is having difficulty adjusting to the life in the league.

In an interview with The Miami Herald, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase mentioned that the former Mississippi tackle is not adjusting well to playing left guard. However, he praised the work ethic of Laremy Tunsil, who was projected as a top-three pick in the draft.

“He’s got a lot to learn. That inside is a different angle. He’s learning. The good thing about him is he works hard,” Gase said.

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According to USA Today, Laremy Tunsil has fallen behind 2013 third round pick, Dallas Thomas, on the depth chart at left guard. During Sunday’s practice, the 22-year-old played with the backup offense while getting mixed with the starters in the later part.

The Dolphins are hoping that Tunsil will be their full-time starter in the future but they need to show some patience. He played primarily as a left tackle in Mississippi, wherein he was a standout and was named twice to the All-SEC first team in 2014 and 2015.

Tunsil, who is a Florida native, is getting the love from Miami fans that are very vocal about Gase giving him starter reps over Thomas. However, coach Gase fired back to the fans and mentioned that things that happened in the past are not important to him.

“I understand why everybody is concerned about every little thing, when certain people have a history with guys that have been here in the past, but I said this right when we started this: Everybody has a fresh start with this crew. Anything that happened in the past, it doesn’t matter to me,” Gase said.

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Robert Molnar of called Laremy Tunsil a once in a lifetime-type player but there are risks. He noted that Tunsil may end up as a bust the Dolphins fails to control a possible drug problem, something that is prominent in the city of Miami.

Nevertheless, the season has not even started to judge a player in the preseason. But with Tunsil not adjusting well, Dolphins fans are keeping their fingers crossed regarding the future of their 13th overall pick.

Photo Courtesy: Eleven Warriors/Flickr

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