NFL Rumors: Mark Sanchez to start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys

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Mark Sanchez (Photo Courtesy: cool13902008/Flickr)

The Dallas Cowboys will be losing starting quarterback Tony Romo for the first half of the 2016 regular season. The Cowboys are expected to add veteran QB Mark Sanchez after he was waived by the Denver Broncos Friday.

Singing Sanchez means that Dallas will have a backup plan in case Dak Presscott, a rookie, is still not ready to be consistent for the starting QB job. After Romo suffered a back injury last week, the Cowboys gave Prescott the starting job after good showing in the preseason.

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According to Brandon George of Dallas Morning News, the contract of Sanchez with the Cowboys has value of $2 million but it could reach about $5.4 million based on incentives on performance.

There is a chance that Sanchez steals the starting QB job from Prescott but Sanchez needs to improve because even the Broncos were unimpressed with his play.

Meanwhile, Prescott said that he’s excited to be playing for the Cowboys and with the chance to play for his favorite team as a rookie

“I don’t know if it’s ever going to hit me that I’m playing for my favorite team growing up or playing for America’s Team,” Presscot stated to Dallas Morning News.

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Dallas head coach Jason Garrett has not made public Romo’s return to football. But there are NFL rumors that the veteran QB could be out until Week 10 of the regular season. For the Cowboys to make the playoffs, they need Prescott and Sanchez to perform well before Romo returns.

Photo Courtesy: cool13902008/Flickr

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