NFL Rumors: Marshawn Lynch returning to NFL, join Oakland Raiders

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With C.J. Anderson out, could it interest Marshawn Lynch to come out of retirement?
The Broncos placed Anderson on the injured reserve list which could help them convince Marshawn Lynch to come out of retirement.

Marshawn Lynch has already retired from the National Football League (NFL), but NFL rumors persist that he could return to the league next season. One big speculation is that he’s asking for his release from the Seattle Seahawks so he can join the Oakland Raiders.

Marshaun Lynch to Oakland Raiders possible

According to reports, there are some hard hurdles for Lynch’s comeback to the NFL. Among them is his release from his last team, the Seahawks. If he returns to the league, Seattle still has his rights and they need to officially waive or release him to allow him to play for another team. Seattle could trade the rights to Lynch to the Raiders but it’s not known if the Seahawks are interested in doing such a deal.

According to Pro Football Talk, “there is a very good chance” that the veteran running back announce his “unretirement” before the regular season begins. But for him to join the Raiders, or another NFL squad, Seattle has to renounce the rights because he signed a two-year extension with the Seahawks before retiring. As noted by many NFL experts, the Raiders just have nothing substantial to offer to Seattle in any Seahawks-Raiders deal. reports that the Raiders may trade a future conditional pick for a Marshawn Lynch trade. Depending on Lynch’s performance this could be a very late pick, or could go in earlier rounds, if that is the condition agreed upon by the Seahawks and Raiders.

Marshaun Lynch to Oakland Raiders if Seattle Seahawks renounce his rights

NFL insider Jason LaCanfora said last week that the Raiders and Seahawks haven’t had any communication so far in any Marshawn Lynch trade talks. However, there are many NFL rumors that Lynch is considering a return to play in the league because of his connection to the Raiders. Lynch was born in Oakland, California and also lives there.

Lynch carries the nickname “Beast Mode” and his powerful running style and ground game could help improve the Raiders’ offense. Oakland was one of the Super Bowl contenders last season but their starting quarterback Derek Carr got injured late in the regular season. Carr did not suit up for the NFL Playoffs and the Raiders got eliminated early.

Lynch will be a good weapon for the Raiders especially if they get Carr back 100% healthy for the 2017 NFL Season. They will once again be one of the SB contenders next year with the top quarterback and possibly, the veteran running back.

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