NFL Rumors: New England Patriots trading Jimmy Garoppolo for two first round picks

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Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo Courtesy: ShoneBK/Wikimedia Commons)

The New England Patriots have the luxury of having lots of good quarterbacks including Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo. With star and franchise QB back in action for New England, the Patriots could trade back up Garoppolo, according to latest NFL rumors.

An article from ESPN Insider stated the possibility of a Garoppolo trade this season.

“You get a first and a second in a heartbeat, but you ask for two firsts. That is where the divide is. And the middle ground might be a first and two seconds. San Francisco got two seconds for Alex Smith, but he had already failed,” An NFL executive reportedly stated about the Garoppolo situation in New England if the Patriots want to trade the young quarterback.

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In 2014, the San Francisco 49ers traded Alex Smith for two second round picks, which the 49ers traded for other draft picks and got a total of five players in the deal.

The Patriots could copy the 49ers in turning Garoppolo into future assets via draft picks. But there is also speculation in New England that the Patriots are better keeping Garoppolo since Tom Brady is aging already and could be playing in his final years. Garoppolo might demand a trade as well if he sees that he can have a better playing opportunity with another NFL team.

The Patriots have been impressive to start the NFL season. They went 3-1 without Tom Brady behind Garoppolo and another backup young QB Jacoby Brissett. In Tom Brady’s first game after his four-game suspension due to “Deflategate”, New England had an easy win over the Cleveland Browns, 33-13.

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NFL rumors mention Jimmy Garoppolo as possible trade bait. With a Super Bowl title again the goal for the team, New England might make a deal to improve their roster for the future.

Photo Courtesy: ShoneBK/Wikimedia Commons

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