NFL Rumors: Green Bay Packers icon Brett Favre was addicted to painkillers?

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NFL Rumors: Packers icon Brett Favre was addicted to painkillers?

Days from now, star quarterback Brett Favre will be joining the esteemed Pro Football Hall of Fame. Just recently, he opened up about his struggles with painkiller addiction in the past.

In an exclusive talk with Graham Bensinger, Favre shared that 20 years ago, painkillers nearly took over his life.

“I took 15 Vicodin at one time,” Favre said. “Two gave me an effect I liked. After a month, two didn’t do anything, so I’d take three… and then four and so on…”

According to the former Green Bay Packers quarterback, he was completely aware but he liked the drug’s effect.

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Eventually, Favre made the decision to quit the habit. He did not see any health professional to aid him with the process. Looking back, he said that he could have harmed himself for quitting cold turkey.

“That was the worst month. I shook every night, cold sweats, it was a constant battle,” Favre recalled.

According to the star, it was his love of football that pulled him through those dark times.

“The one constant through all that was football, and for me, it was a good place to escape. It gave me a way to escape but also feel like I was actually doing something good,” Favre added.

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Favre ended his 19-year NFL career as the only player to have been named The Associated Press’ MVP in three consecutive seasons. He is best known for his years with the Green Bay Packers where he proved to be one of the most durable players that the league has seen.

Being able to get rid of painkiller addiction on his own just shows you the grit and toughness that this amazing individual possesses.

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