NFL Rumors: Patriots intensifies talks with Ryan Fitzpatrick as negotiations with Jets still hang

Patriots intensifies talks with Ryan Fitzpatrick as negotiations with Jets still hang
A talk between the New England Patriots and free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has intensified as rumors are swirling that his negotiations with New York Jets have hit another stalemate.

The New England Patriots are serious getting the services of free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as rumors are swirling that talks between both parties have intensified as Fitzpatrick’s negotiations with New York Jets have hit another stalemate.

The Patriots are keen in taking in Fitzpatrick after Tom Brady decided not to appeal the ruling on the ball deflating issue against him. Brady is set to serve a four-game suspension that puts the Patriots without a veteran quarterback, a thing that they could not afford.

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For the Jets, they have offered a new contract for Fitzpatrick. But Fitzpatrick has asked for guarantee money to which the Jets declined to comment. NFL insider Ian Rapoport told NFL Total Access through that talks between the Jets and Fitzpatrick has not resumed and it looks like the stalemate will continue until the start of training camp.

“There has been really no movement from either side, everybody is dug in. So it certainly could be within the realm of possibility that we have to see not just a little bit of Geno Smith, like maybe a couple reps in OTAs or minicamp, but a lot of Geno Smith, maybe even into preseason games, for there to be some sort of movement here between the Jets and Fitzpatrick, so expect to be having this conversation a few more times,” Rapoport said.

Now that talks between the Jets and Fitzpatrick are still on hold, the Patriots want to take this opportunity to snag the quarterback and play for them next season. The Patriots might offer Fitzpatrick the starting position which Brady will vacate for the time being, though nothing official has been thrown by the Patriots for Fitzpatrick.

The Inquistr reported that the Patriots might call in Jimmy Garoppolo as their starting quarterback but the Patriots want a veteran to give them assurance if Garoppolo would not be able to finish the job for them. And that is why the Patriots are seeking a meeting with Fitzpatrick to be able to iron things out and be able to finalize a contract for the 33-year old quarterback out of Harvard University.

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Fitzpatrick’s teammate Brandon Marshall believes that their quarterback is serious with his demands and even noted that reports of a negotiation with the Patriots might be true. Marshall stated that he has not received any word from Fitzpatrick for weeks now and their house in New Jersey is now up for rent.

The Jets need Fitzpatrick if they want to be considered as contenders next season. If they would let the talks hit a snag then they are leaving an open door for other teams such as the Patriots to sneak in and eventually take Fitzpatrick away from them.

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