NFL Rumors: Patriots trading Jimmy Garoppolo after Tom Brady returns from suspension

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Jimmy Garoppolo (Photo Courtesy: ShoneBK/Wikimedia Commons)

The New England Patriots found another asset in backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who led the team in their Week 1 win against the Arizona Cardinals. However, the latest NFL rumors imply that the Patriots may end up trading Garoppolo once Tom Brady returns from his suspension.

According to Brad Berreman of FanSided, the 24-year-old QB will become a hot commodity if he can go undefeated in all of his starts. In his first game as a starter, he went 24-for-33 for 254 yards with one touchdown in the 23-21 win over the Cardinals.

Berreman suggested five teams that might trade for Jimmy Garoppolo if the Patriots make him available. These teams are the New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns.

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The first three teams mentioned all have veteran quarterbacks and will likely need a young arm moving forward. On the other hand, the 4ers and Browns have questions in the QB position especially in Cleveland where quarterbacks are cursed.

According to Kevin Duffy of MassLive, there are several factors that will affect Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, and the Patriots. He noted that Garappolo is a free agent after next season while Brady turns 40 years old.

Duffy added that New England has several options including trading Garoppolo next offseason for a great return. Another option is to hold to the young QB and see if Brady will still have it at the age of 40. Last option is to re-sign Garoppolo if they feel like he is the future and trade good, ole’ Tom.

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Nevertheless, it should be noted that these are just rumors at this point. Nevertheless, the Patriots have a lot of decisions to make for the 2017-18 NFL season. New England will host the Miami Dolphins in Week 2.

Photo Courtesy: ShoneBK/Wikimedia

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