NFL Rumors: Patriots WR Julian Edelman manages to juggle romance with Adriana Lima

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Patriots Julian Edelman manages to juggle romance with Adriana Lima?
Rumors are swirling that Edelman gets to quarterback for the Patriots in week three and at the same time catch the girl of his dreams, Adriana Lima.

Looks like the stars have aligned for wide receiver Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots. Rumors are swirling that Edelman gets to quarterback for the Patriots in Week 3 and at the same time dates Adriana Lima.

The Patriots are left shorthanded when they face the Houston Texans on Thursday. Jimmy Garoppolo is a “doubtful” starter with a shoulder injury as Tom Brady is still suspended. Thus, desperate times for the Patriots call for desperate measures as they placed Edelman as an emergency backup quarterback.

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Yahoo Sports reported that Edelman might get a QB gig if third-round pick Jacoby Brissett falters in his first NFL game. There has also been pressure to play Garoppolo despite his injury, but if things get worse, everything rests in the hands of Edelman.

The 30-year-old seven-time pro once played as a quarterback at Kent State College. Edelman also threw a touchdown against the Baltimore Raven many years back. Reports have it that Edelman has practiced some snaps within the week to prepare him against the Texans.

But aside from preparing for his much-anticipated quarterback chores, Edelman manages to juggle his work and personal life. TMZ reports that Edelman is still dating Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima. The report noted that Edelman does not mind Lima’s previous date with Ryan Secrest as he is not the typical jealous guy.

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Edelman believes that Lima and Seacrest are just friends. A couple of weeks back, Lima visited Edelman in Boston. Sources revealed that Lima hang out with Edelman together with his friends, which was a big thing for him.

It seems everything is working Edelman’s way, he gets the girl at the same time gets to throw at the early goings of the season. With the Patriots sporting a 2-0 win-loss card, Edelman hopes to continue the winning ways as he already won Lima’s heart as well.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons

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