NFL Rumors: PED report has big repercussions on players

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Clay Matthews
Packers linebacker Clay Matthews (photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Mike Morbeck)

NFL Rumors suggest a report about athletes using performance enhancing drugs (PED) has the NFL reacting to it. Sources say that the league will be calling on some players involved in it to give their explanation.

News agency Al-Jazeera has come out with a report that says certain players have been using PEDs, according to ESPN. Though the report came out last winter, the NFL has made the decision to call some of the players involved.

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CBS Chicago says that a letter has come from NFL executive Adolpho Birch. In that letter it says that some players would be interviewed before training camp opens in July. Some of those players named are Green Bay linebackers Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is also named in the list.

Perhaps the biggest name involved in the NFL Rumors is retired quarterback Peyton Manning. Fox Sports has said that there are other names in the report but they have not been specifically mentioned.

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The Al-Jazeera report was shown last December. According to NFL Rumors, Manning obtained human growth hormone (HGH) from an anti-aging clinic in Indiana. Charlie Sly, an intern from the said clinic, has alleged that players have been getting PEDs. Sly would later deny the allegations. A source said that there is an investigation underway for Manning.

The NFL is said to have scheduled interviews as early as April but the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has blocked any attempt to hold an investigation. Players are said to have been notified about it as early as January.

For its part, the NFLPA has responded to the letter. In its response it has asked the league as to whether the investigation is hinged on the statements made by Sly. It has further asked the NFL for any other evidence. The response concludes that the NFLPA will advise the players of their rights as well as inform the league of the players’ decisions.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons/Mike Morbeck

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