NFL Rumors: Peyton Manning to take talents to China after New England Patriots talks fizzles

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Peyton Manning going to China

The past few days have seen rumors about Peyton Manning joining the New England Patriots blow up online. Most sports critics and analysts bashed this idea, for obvious reasons-he’s old and not good anymore, the Patriots only need a backup, and it would not be good for his career. Oh, and because he will be going to China.

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Yes, reports confirm that Peyton Manning will be going to China but only to promote the NFL as part of the league’s Legends Tour. Later this month, Manning will be visiting Shanghai, Beijing and historic Chinese sights like the Great Wall, Forbidden City and visiting The Bund in Shanghai to run clinics and train some of the young and best quarterbacks in the country.

His busy schedule will also include fan forums, which will be streamed live online to promote the sport and gain a bigger following among the youth in China.

Manning is one of the most popular quarterbacks, let alone athletes in the country of 1.4 billion people. He was the first NFL player to be featured on Gatorade bottles in China, which already says a lot.

Peyton Manning to train Chinese football players

The former Colts and Broncos star quarterback will also be supporting Gatorade China’s One Pass to Fame program which will pick five winners from cities around China to compete in quarterback challenges. The quarterback contest will be held in London during the halftime show of the Colts-Jaguars October 2 game. Manning will also meet the five winners to train them on their passing skills before leaving for London. The winner will earn a trip to Houston to watch Super Bowl 51.

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With this bit of news, rumors about Manning’s return to the NFL via the Patriots should probably be put to rest even more. He already tried that last year, and he wasn’t really very good. Anyway, the Patriots can still try Michael Vick.

Let Peyton Manning enjoy his retirement and his tour of China.

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