NFL Rumors: Ryan Fitzpatrick threatens to sit out if QB doesn’t get salary increase from NY Jets

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Ryan Fitzpatrick (Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons)

Ryan Fitzpatrick is willing to sit out to force the New York Jets to increase their offer for his salary next season. The NFL rumors means that the Jets might not have their starting quarterback if both sides don’t agree to a deal this 2016 offseason.

According to ESPN, Ryan Fitzpatrick has said that he would “rather not play football” than play for the New York Jets at their contract offer, which is being reported at about $7M to $8M per season.

The 33-year-old Fitzpatrick is reportedly balking at the lowball offer and wants “double” of what the Jets are offering.

“There may be some semantics at play here because it is clear Fitzpatrick does not want to play for what the Jets are offering, believed to have started in the $7 million-to-$8 million range and upped a little since then. Fitzpatrick is open to playing for another team, but no one has expressed interest in him at his asking price of around $16 million,” the New York Post reports.

The Jets-Fitzpatrick drama should add more to the NFL rumors that the Jets will try to get another quarterback either in the 2016 NFL Draft or via trades or free agency.

Fitzpatrick was traded from the Houston Texans to the Jets in March of 2015 and has played for a one full regular season in New York. He also previously played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans.

In 16 games for the Jets last season, Fitzpatrick had a total of 3,905 passing yards on 335 of 562 completions, or 59.6% with 31 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

NFL rumors will continue to hound the Jets and Fitzpatrick this offseason if both sides can’t agree to a deal before the start of the NFL regular season.

Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons

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