NFL Rumors: Sam Bradford’s retirement talk is empty threat, says report

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Sam Bradford of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo courtesy: Djkub17/Wikimedia Commons)

Sam Bradford did not like the Philadelphia Eagles’ move to draft a quarterback in the recent 2016 NFL Draft, but experts are expecting the former number one pick to become the starter for the team when the new regular season opens. NFL rumors state that Bradford is threatening to retire from the NFL because of the Eagles’ decision to draft another QB.

However, according to new repots, things are expected to “cool down” a bit between the Eagles and Bradford the next two weeks and that the QB will eventually return as a starter for Philadelphia in the new season.

Bradford signed a two-year deal worth $35 million with the Eagles earlier in the offseason but the team made a curious move in adding a project QB during the draft after they made a trade with the Cleveland Browns to get to the No. 2 pick and draft promising QB Carson Wentz, who is projected to be a starter in the league to open the NFL rumors that Bradford could be out of Philadelphia.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says that the “smart move” for Bradford is to just play for the Eagles and “make the most” out of his situation in Philadelphia.

“Bradford wants out of Philly. The Eagles don’t want to trade him. Some think he may retire. Which would likely be a Carson Palmer-style retirement, with Bradford waiting until some other team decides to trade for him,” Florio wrote in a recent article.

By threatening to retire, Bradford’s camp is expecting that the Eagles might want to consider trading him before the season and Bradford gets a better situation with another NFL team where he is the current and long-term quarterback.

So while Bradford’s status with the Eagles is still indefinite, it appears NFL rumors will continue to surround the quarterback until Philadelphia announces their plans or another team tries to trade for Bradford.

Photo courtesy: Djkub17/Wikimedia Commons

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